Michigan's UP Cru Retreat

  September 29 - October 1, 2017

Fall Retreat 2017

Sept. 29 - October 1

Retreat is an opportunity to spend a weekend away from school and campus to spend time with other believers and focus on God. It is a potentially life changing experience.



This Fall, Jeff Koch will be joining us.  Jeff helps to lead Cru in the Chicago area.  He graduated from Marquette High School and the attended Univ. of Michigan. Jeff big event last year was riding WITH his entire Family! around Lake Michigan on bikes!!  Jeff has a passion for college students.  You will love interacting with Jeff Koch. It will be a Fabulous time at Retreat.


Lake Ellen Bible Camp
212 Narrow Way Camp Road
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
212 Baptist Camp Road, Crystal Falls, MI 49920


$72 per person
$5 discount for first timers
$5 discount if you register before September 21, 2017 @ 11:59pm.
(note: the 1st Timer Discount may not show up immediately, but you will see it at Retreat!!)
We are using a new registration site, so you may need a new login.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration will ask you to send a check. Just bring cash or a check made out to "Cru" with you when you come to retreat and pay in person.
Scholarships are available if you are unable to come up with all the funds.
For more information, contact:

Bill O’Connor
(906) 482-9495

Dave Michels

(517) 974-6070
[email protected]

What to Bring

  • eat dinner before you come!       (no dinner is served on Friday)
  • sleeping bag / blanket & pillow
  • alarm clock
  • towel(s)
  • toiletries
  • clothing - athletic and warm
  • shoes, boots, sandals
  • sports stuff
  • check or cash for registration 
  • games
  • pen and paper
  • Bible
  • gas money for your driver
  • your best friend

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